At the Service of Destiny

A Biography of the Living Moroccan Sufi
Master Shaykh Mohamed Faouzi al-Karkari

Jamil Zaghdoudi


God exalted says, “I have fashioned thee for Myself.” In His infinite wisdom, God willed for His Prophets and saints to assume the form of His command. He fashioned their lives as spiritual allusions to guide pure hearts to the disclosures of His direct knowledge. Nothing falls outside of His all-subjugating power, including destiny. This destiny turned a young orphan into the lord of both worlds, the gem of gnosis, Sayyidunā Muḥammad . The saints of the Muḥammadan community are upon the heart of the Messenger of God . That is, their lives and their states follow the example of the Prophet.

Our Shaykh Sayyidī Mohamed Faouzi al-Karkari, may God sanctify his secret, tells us frequently, “Before you read a book, know its author.” We thus invite you to discover the life of a man who, after having been absorbed in the Divine Presence, occupies himself with the purification of hearts until they are pierced by pre-eternal Lights. Love and fervor made him a blacksmith of hearts. Approach this biography as a guide to divine knowledge.

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Price: 15$ USD (paper-backed)  & 10$ (ebook)
ISBN: 978-2-930978-40-6
Type: Paper-backed & Ebook
Pages: 136
Dimensions : 12cm x 19cm
Original language: French
Translation : Edin Lohja

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