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Humanity is marked by many changes. While this era has seen positive developments for humans, like the technologies that allow today to instantly connect two people separated by thousands of kilometers, it has also experienced the evils and consequences of such progress as overconsumption and the rise of terrorism and extremism.

Modern man is able to discern everything around him, but remains unable to discern his own nature, unaware of his origin and inevitably his purpose. Modern man is this being connected to the whole world except to himself.

The challenge of our time is to relearn to discover ourselves, to discover the answers to the fundamental questions of our world by refocusing on oneself.

We then decided, on our scale and in all modesty, to propose an alternative by promoting the Sufi philosophy which teaches the return to oneself and presents itself as a bulwark against extremism in all its forms.

To achieve these goals, we have equipped ourselves with a formidable weapon: knowledge. This is how the publishing house Les 7 Lectures was born.

The publishing house Les 7 lectures are intended to offer readers original and unpublished works in the world of spirituality and esotericism. We are keen to present new exegeses conceived in the light of a profound re-reading of the sacred texts, but also mystical poems, works related to music and art. Giving reading and rereading works as diverse as rich in teachings is the ambition of Les 7 lectures Publishing.

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